K-9 unit

The Pelham Police Department takes great pride in its K-9 Unit because of the proficiency and ability of the animals working in partnership with their handlers. The canine sense of smell is over 400,000 times greater than that of a human. For this reason, the K-9 Unit has become a valuable asset to the Pelham Police Department and the community we serve. 

K-9 Teams

Our department has three K-9 teams comprised of a police officer and his canine partner. All are specialized in the detection of explosives. 

  1. Lt Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson


  1. K-9 Bagheera

    K-9 Bagheera

    K-9 Officer

  1. Officer Lee Tibbetts

    Lee Tibbetts

    Officer, K-9 Handler

  1. K-9 Thunder

    K-9 Thunder

    K-9 Officer

  1. Capt. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis

    Captain, Patrol Division

  1. K-9 Ripley

    K-9 Ripley

    K-9 Officer