Adult Beginner Clinics

More information is coming soon about our revamped Adult Beginner Clinics.

Tennis Tips

Think of your match in a more long-term way, like a 5k run. If you start off running as fast as you can and maintain that pace, you will run out of gas before the finish line. If you play too aggressively in your match too early, you are taking all the risk and you may make too many errors or your opponent may adapt before you finish the match. Instead, play percentage tennis:

  • When serving concentrate on getting your first serve in (50% or more) instead of hitting aces.
  • Serve to the backhand or into the body early and serve out wide when you have game point.
  • Work to keep the ball in play, hitting crosscourt when behind the baseline and down the line when approaching the net.
  • When returning serves, concentrate on getting the ball back deep into the center to take away angles. Never miss second serve returns.
  • Look for and be aware of the opportunity "point" or "game" (30-love or 3-1), be aggressive when you are ahead, be consistent when behind.
  • Use the drop shot and lob early in your match to control your opponent.

These are the tactics top professionals use. They don't need to win 6-0, 6-0. They want to win consistently!

Watch the ball and bend your knees! This old tennis pro adage from years ago is still true today. Suffering from miss-hits, hitting the ball into the net or out too often in your match? Try the following:

  • Focusing and watching the ball instead of you opponent will help you concentrate and avoid "miss hits" or "shanks". Keeping your head "still" as you swing is also essential for success.
  • Bending your knees gives you good balance and helps you hit better shots by transferring weight into the shot when you step forward. This allows for a better shot trajectory to avoid hitting the net or hitting it out.